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Cemetery: New London Cemetery
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Adams, Roy E. 06/06/1963
Adams, William A. 02/09/1906
Agnew, Elmer 12/01/1943
Agnew, Mary 02/09/1966
Alberty, Felix 05/08/1996
Ammerman, Florence Elizabeth 02/09/1929
Ammerman, Matilda Scobey 00/00/1938
Anderson, Matilda 02/00/1912
Andes Jr., Albert Russell 08/23/2000
Andes, Frances Ann 04171/2012
Anson, Arthur 05/28/1955
Anson, Arthur A. 07/10/1946
Anson, Maggie 05/30/1959
Anson, William A. 00/00/0000
Applegate, Hannah 10/11/1880
Applegate, Nettie 02/17/1879
Appleton, Amy 11/23/1888
Appleton, Anna 10/02/1894
Appleton, Elizabeth
Appleton, Hazel C. 02/11/1989
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