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Cemetery: New London Cemetery
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Abraham, Amelia 10/31/1925
Abraham, Anna 05/25/1962
Abraham, Charles W. 02/29/1944
Abraham, Harriet B. (Hattie) 10/09/1928
Abraham, Joseph 04/01/1927
Abraham, Laura 00/00/1962
Abraham, Marie 08/13/1922
Abraham, Riley 12/16/1923
Abraham, Sarah 01/04/1892
Abraham, Weller G. 02/20/1942
Abrams, Ethel E. 11/02/1994
Abrams, Francis 03/14/1942
Abrams, Park C.
Abrams, Robert 06/24/1930
Abrams, Russell 10/26/1978
Abrams, Virginia 08/27/1949
Adams, Bernice 06/19/1978
Adams, Floyd R. 03/18/1987
Adams, Helen Marie 08/15/1992
Adams, James C. 06/15/1962